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IPT Online Lecture Series 2022

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The global pandemic and ongoing crisis of the environment and socio-economic life have changed the world - even if only by increasing our awareness towards its' current state and many crises. It is as if we all sense that major changes are underway without knowing exactly what they will ultimately bring.

This is the outset of the ASPR's global campain on "Homeland Earth - Terre Patrie" as inspired by the great French sociologist and philosopher Edgar Morin. He highlighted the world's poly-crisis, interdependence and need for a planetary sense of belonging already in the 1990s and has been especially recognised for his engagement with complexity - something, that we are only too familiar within the field of peacebuilding.

Therefore, this year's IPT Online Lecture Series engages with questions of how we can navigate complexity in the face of poly-crisis and uncertainty on a glocal scale towards a more peaceful and just world. It invites us to dive deeper into certain aspects of the poly-crisis, such as power inequalities and the socio-ecological crisis, as well as to re-imagine identity and belonging.  

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