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Exploring Worldviews as Entry-Point for Personal, Cultural, and Systems Transformation

01 June 2021, 10-11 am CET

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Dr Annick de Witt

Annick de Witt, PhD, is a researcher, author, teacher, and facilitator, with a broad background in the field of sustainability transformation. Her extensive researach into worldviews resulted in over a dozen academic publications as well as a new worldview-test and model, which are being applied in different settings over the world, from research to education.

Driven to make the insights from her research useful in practice, Annick founded a new organization called Worldview Journeys. Worldview Journeys offers science-based learning tools and leadership programs that bring awareness to our individual and collective worldviews. These tools and programs are designed to support reflection, interaction, and transformation, with the aim of serving ane xpansion of mindsets, a regeneration of cultures, and a re-purposing of systems. They can be used in a variety of contexts, including research and education, organisations and communities.

Annick is a passionate speaker and skilled facilitator, with a background in the Art of Hosting and the Work that Reconnects, amongst others. She loves supporting group processes, exploring innovative ideas, and experimenting with transformational practices. Ultimately, Annick's mission is to creatively contribute to the emergence of powerful pathways for facilitating the 'mindshift' or 'paradigm change' needed to address the urgent, planetary issues of our time.