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IPT Core Course for Peacebuilders

dates for 2021 tbc

Gain knowledge and skills on civilian peacebuilding practices

The ENTRi certified Core Course comprises theoretical inputs and practical exercises tailored to working in crisis- and post-conflict situations. All modules aim towards enhancing interpersonal skills, highlighting the importance of cross cultural partnerships, and promote a reflective and accountable approach towards peacebuilding and crisis management. Thus, relevant modules include for example concepts and strategies of peacebuilding, conflict analysis, do no harm, gender and social inclusion or personal safety, including navigation, mine awareness and a complex simulation exercise.

Based on relevant expertise and experience, participants will be encouraged to work in groups on specific case studies to analyse the relevant conflicts, potentials for peace and create related project plans, which may be of meaning in their respective fields of work. Further mentoring by our faculty and ASPR-staff may be discussed throughout the course in case of implementation of such or similar plans.

Course Fees: € 1,996
Please be aware that the attendance of a Core Course is pre-requisite to attendance of a Specialisation Course and/or Master Class and can only be waived on an individual basis in the face of alternative relevant professional and academic experience.

Target group
Individuals with a civilian, police and military background planning or currently working in the sector of peacebuilding.

Basic theoretical and/or practical experience in the field of peacebuilding. 

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