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EUPCST Online Course on Gender, Peace and Security


Forthcoming Course

05.-30.04.2021 - with weekly Interactive Sessions every Thursday


2020 marked the 20 year anniversary of the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) Agenda which is considered a landmark in recognising the importance of Women's full and equal participation in international peace and security. This course offers opportunities to strengthen relevant knowledge, skills and competencies related to the application of the WPS-Agenda in one's respective field.

Particular focus will be placed on:

  • understanding gendered peace and security needs
  • contributing to gender equality by and within missions
  • collaborating with local partners and civilians towards strengthening gender equality, peace and security

Theoretical and practical inputs through self-paced learning elements, videos and interactive sessions will offer insights into state-of-the-art knowledge, skills, tools and approaches with inputs from representatives of EU- and UN Missions, DCAF, Gender Associations, UN Women, IFC, MIT and more. Short weekly informal sessions will provide further opportunities for exchange, networking and collaboration.


Participants are required to be available for interactive sessions every Thursday from approximately 11.30-13.30 CEST-Time.
Participants completing the course, including self-paced learning elements until 31.05.2021 will receive a Certificate of Participation.
Plattforms used: Moodle, MS Teams & wonder.me


Participants' Profile
This course is predominently designed for mid-level police, civilian and military experts currently or potentially being deployed within the contexts of peace suport operations and complex emergencies. Preference will be given to current or future EU-Mission staff. 10-20% of slots are allocated to non-EU citizens working in civil organisations to foster coordination and cooperation in the field. Participants are expected to have a basic understanding and commitment towards gender, peace and security!

The designated Course Admission board will select the course participants from the timely submitted applications while balancing affiliation, professional background, gender, nationality and working contexts in view to keep the intended course quality and standard. Applicants are thereafter informed about the decision of the Admission Board within 1 week after the set deadline. 

The Course is funded by the EU and can thus be offered free of cost.


This Course is implemented in partnership with