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Israel, Covid-19, and the Middle East

An Interview with Ofer Zalzberg

Director of the IIP Stephanie Fenkart spoke with Ofer Zalzberg of the Crisis Group's Arab-Israel Project on the direct health consequences of the covid-19 pandemic for Israeli and Palestinian societies, the current and potential impacts of the new measures on the Israel-Palestine conflict, and the formation of a new government between Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party and Benny Gantz's Blue and White party. The conversation also addressed the possible annexation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem during the pandemic, as well as regional challenges in the Middle East, including Iran and Syria.

Ofer Zalzberg is Senior Analyst in Crisis Group's Arab-Israel Project since 2010. He covers the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and Israel's relations with its neighbors. He furthermore leads a religious peacebuilding work Stream, He is an affiliate of the Vienna-based Herbert C. Kelman Institute for Interactive Conflict Transformation.