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Homeland Earth

A Campaign to Promote Planetary Awareness

At the latest, the globalisation push of the last decades has connected all people on all continents and of all nations in a complex way and brought them into an indissoluble relationship with each other. Thus, whether we like it or not, an earthly community of destiny has come into being. This is made apparent by the global polycrisis that affects us all, albeit in different ways: drastic and man-made climate change, the extinction of species triggered by our economic and lifestyle practices, the threat of self-extinction from a nuclear strike, nationalistically motivated wars or the global Covid-19 pandemic. These are all problems that can only be solved together, and on a planetary scale: Homeland Earth.

But many people and nations lack awareness of this earthly community of destiny. Especially in times of crisis, every nation retreats into itself and seeks its salvation in national solo efforts.

What we need, on the other hand, is a worldwide public opinion that represents a planetary awareness and is strong enough to influence the policies of states and international bodies in this direction. This sense of belonging to our Homeland Earth is not in contradiction to local and national particularities and affiliations. However, we must also develop the awareness that we are citizens of Homeland Earth and act accordingly. This is the idea of our international campaign "Homeland Earth".

More Information
The concept of "Homeland Earth" was developed by the French philosopher Edgar Morin, who celebrates his 100th birthday on 8 July 2021, in his book Terre Patrie (1993). With this campaign, we are also honouring the life's work of this great thinker on the future of humanity.


In this video, Morin personally calls for our campaign.
Below you will find the appeal for the campaign in different languages; a short biography of Edgar Morin, as well as the manifesto Homeland Earth.

Join this Campaign
Join this campaign to raise planetary awareness by
•    signing the appeal for this campaign and, if possible, translating it into your language;
•    spreading the manifesto of the campaign "Homeland Earth" (Manifesto for Planetary Solidarity); you are also welcome to comment on it and develop it further;
•    create a passport cover "Citizen of Homeland Earth" and use it to document your planetary attitude;
•    invite friends, relatives, acquaintances, colleagues, pupils, etc. to create passport covers together; and
•    send the created passport covers to local politicians and make them aware of the campaign;
•    declare yourself as a citizen of Homeland Earth in your FB profile (frame for Facebook) and post your individually designed passport cover with #homelandearth in the social media;
•    participate in ASPR events related to the campaign;
•    sign up for ASPR News (input field at the bottom of the page) to be informed about future ASPR activities;
•    follow us on Facebook und Twitter;
•    hold information events on Homeland Earth (we will gladly support you with information material);
•    create your very own local "Homeland Earth" initiative and report back to us (e.g. planting trees, designing and displaying posters, a Homeland Earth photo competition, etc.).

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