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Policy Advice

The ACP has extensive expertise in peace processes, peacebuilding and peacekeeping. It provides advice on how to manage these processes in numerous country-specific contexts: Sudan, Southern Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, DRC and Mali in Africa; Colombia in Latin America; Israel/Palestine, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Iran and Yemen in the Middle East; and the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Myanmar in Asia. In addition, there is extensive expertise in EU and British politics.

This knowledge is regularly made available to stakeholders in international peacebuilding and peacekeeping, such as the Austrian Ministry of Defence, the British and Swiss Foreign Ministries, as well as zje European Union institutions, international governmental organisations and governmental and non-governmental development agencies. Parts of this knowledge are also regularly published in the CPD Blog

In Austria, the ACP is the contact point for civil society participation in the governmental '3C' process and organizes annual 3C conferences and security policy workshops bringing together stakeholders from ministries and civil society organizations. The basis for this dialogue forum is the Vienna 3C Appeal of 2009, which outlines a coordinated approach by governmental institutions in the fields of diplomacy, development policy, the military, financial and economic policy, police and justice, and non-governmental organizations in the fields of development cooperation, humanitarian assistance, human rights protection and promotion, and peacebuilding.