Homeland Earth

An ASPR Appeal for Planetary Thinking and Feeling, Planning and Acting

In this 21st century, we are facing unprecedented dangers that threaten to call into question the very existence of humanity itself. The worldwide pandemic Covid-19, which triggered the "first economic crisis of the Anthropocene" (Adam Tooze), is another element of a poly-crisis. The drastic and man-made climate change, the extinction of species triggered by our economic and lifestyle systems, the danger of self-extinction through a nuclear strike and nationalistically motivated wars make the seriousness of the situation evident. However, opposing forces have long since emerged around the world, in science, culture, politics and civil society, which are with their means not only pointing out the dangers, but also looking for ways out and testing alternatives. This is a challenge, and the size of these forces can also help the actors to grow.

In the spirit of this work on alternatives the "Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution" (ASPR) organises the campaign "Homeland Earth / Terre Patrie". The title is inspired by the book with the same title by the great French thinker Edgar Morin, who will celebrate his 100th birthday in 2021, and to whom we owe many of these insights. Above all it is about

- The acceptance of the complexity of reality, which must be grasped by complex thinking;

- The willingness to engage with others in dialogue and criticism at the same time;

- The insistence on a new humanism that strives to get rid of its anthropocentric prejudices.