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Network Peace and Conflict Research in Austria

Since its foundation, the ACP has acted as an interface for peace research.

In 2015, the Zentrum für Friedensforschung und Friedensbildung (ZFF) at the University of Klagenfurt conducted a survey among experts on the situation of peace research in Austria. It revealed that there is a lack of networked, institutionalised and organised peace and conflict research. This was the impetus for the formation of the "Network for Peace and Conflict Research in Austria" (NeFKÖ) in July 2016 at the ACP Summer Academy, as a loose association of institutions and individuals involved in peace and conflict research and peace work in Austria.

It sees itself as an open and pluralistic network in disciplinary, scientific-theoretical, philosophical and practical terms, to which academic researchers and science-based peace practitioners belong. The goals of the network are to strengthen peace and conflict research, to make its effects visible, to promote cooperation and to use synergies. In addition, the network is an exchange platform between research and practice, disciplines and generations, where content and positions are discussed.

In the meantime, NeFKÖ has developed into a permanent format that has significantly improved networking within peace and conflict research in Austria.

Focal Point - Adham Hamed

E-Mail: hamed(at)ac4p.at

Phone: +43 1 7969959

NeFKÖ-Conference 25-27 April 2024 in klagenfurt

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