Gudrun Kramer

Gudrun Kramer is the Director of the ASPR. Her thematic priorities include conflict transformation, support for peace processes, peacebuilding in the context of development cooperation, strengthening social and political participation, and psychosocial work.


Susanne J. Brezina

Susanne J. Brezina is the Programme Manager of the integrated training courses within the European Security and Defence College (ESDC). Her specializations include humanitarian aid, post-conflict recovery, security sector reform, protection of civilians and civil-military coordination in complex emergencies as well as peace missions.

Klaudia Dobrovits

Klaudia Dobrovits is the cleaning worker and also takes care with love about the plants in the ASPR garden and office rooms.

Jan Eberwein

Jan Eberwein does his alternative military service at the ASPR.  His responsibilities are mainly focused on IT/computers, among others he is also involved in the creation of digital content. He also supports the team in the execution and post-processing of online formats and in the planning and technical implementation of various projects.

Mohammad Farghal

Mohammad Mahmoud Farghal is leads ASPR’s program in Iraq. His thematic priorities include inclusive political mediation to bridge divides and support conflict resolution, and social cohesion amongst different stakeholders in the Iraqi polity.

Ursula Gamauf-Eberhardt

Ursula Gamauf-Eberhardt is the Programme Manager for the peace education portfolio. She is also responsible for the OSCE training programmes. Her thematic focuses include peace education, dealing with the past and the OSCE.

Claudia Hofer

Claudia Hofer is the Administrative Assistant for research, peace education, OSCE and EU related trainings, as well as for the project Capacity Building for Humanitarian Assistance in West Africa.

Walter Hofer

Walter Hofer takes care of the ASPR buildings with great diligence. His hobby is civil defence, and he uses this knowledge also concerning his activities at the ASPR.

Elisabeth Horvath

Elisabeth Horvath is the Financial Manager and accountant in the areas of basic financing, project financing and ASPR Peace Museum.

Manuela Jerabek

Manuela Jerabek is certified Librarian and is responsible for the purchase, archiving and maintenance of the inventory of the ASPR Peace Library, as well as the support and processing of inquiries from library users.

Elke Marksteiner

Elke Marksteiner is the Communications Manager and responsible for public relations and graphic design. She is responsible for awareness-raising activities and manages the ASPR social media channels.

Birgit Mayerhofer

Birgit Mayerhofer heads the project "Capacity Building for Humanitarian Assistance in West Africa" in cooperation with the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre (KAIPTC) in Ghana. Her thematic priorities include the link between humanitarian aid, development cooperation and peacekeeping (HDP Nexus), integrity/anti-corruption and inclusion/equal opportunities.

Augustin Nicolescou

Augustin Nicolescou is the Project Manager and responsible for ASPR projects in the field of conflict transformation. He is a trainer for conflict transformation, dialogue processes, conflict sensitivity and Do-No-Harm. Regional focuses include Israel/Palestine, Sri Lanka and Central Asia.

Hanna Orthofer-Fichtner

Hanna Orthofer-Fichtner catalogues the holdings of the former Peace Museum. She has been working at the Institute as a trainer for the Peace Weeks for many years and supports young people and children to deal with conflict in a constructive way.  As a certified mediator and social worker she also makes a valuable contribution to the development of the training programmes.

Jan Pospisil

Jan Pospisil is the Research Director of the ASPR and lecturer for political science at the University of Vienna. Jan is co-investigator of the Political Settlements Research Programme at the University of Edinburgh. His research focuses on peace processes, political settlements, humanitarian negotiations, resilience, and Sudanese/South Sudanese politics. He publishes regularly in peer-reviewed international journals. His most recent monograph, "Peace in Political Unsettlement", was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2019.

Silvia Polster

Silvia Polster is the Administrative Assistant for the "International Civilian Peacebuilding Training Programme" and other tailor-made courses.

Julia Scharinger

Julia Scharinger is the Programme Manager of the "International Civilian Peacebuilding Training Programme - IPT", Eu Aid Volunteers” and “EU Police and Civilian Service Training” programmes. Her thematic focuses include Dealing with the Past, Narrative Therapy, Gender/Intersectionality and Social Justice.

Julia Struppe-Schanda

Julia Struppe-Schanda is responsible for the planning and implementation of the ASPR Summer Academy. Her thematic focuses include social psychological issues in peace and conflict research, psychosocial work in war and crisis zones, and diversity and gender research in psychology.

Martina Tader

Martina Tader is the Administrative Assistant, she runs the ASPR Secretariat and is responsible for personnel and project financial management.

Wolfgang Weilharter

Wolfgang Weilharter is the Project Manager for the planned project "Communal Peace and Conflict Work in Burgenland" and responsible for the related needs assessment. His focus is on the implementation of mediation and dialogue processes on the communal level, in the areas of communal politics, housing and neighbourhoods and local coexistence of people of different origins.