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Support the ACP's work

The Austrian Peace Centre (ACP) looks back with pride on over 40 years of non-violent, constructive, and sustainable peace work. Its location at Schlaining Castle, less than 20 kilometres from the former Iron Curtain, was not chosen by chance.

From research, which was the original focus at the ACP, the areas of mediation and training have developed, with whom the ACP is now active worldwide, for example in the Persian Gulf region. There it supports dialogue between bordering states in order to better manage the available water resources. 

In the area of capacity development, it manages a comprehensive training programme to improve humanitarian capacities in West Africa. The location in Stadtschlaining is perfectly suitable for organizing training courses and age-appropriate workshops for students on conflict and peace skills as part of peace education programme.

In order to be able to expand this extensive and meaningful work in the future, the ACP needs the support of visionaries who recognize its potential and are willing to support it to the extent of their abilities.