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Completed Mediation Projects

2018 - 2019 Georgian - Abkhazian Track 1½ (ACP & HKI)

Focus: Identification of "status-neutral" cooperation opportunities to improve the living conditions of the Abkhaz population in particular.
Result: Design for a dialogue process was developed in a participatory process with the conflict parties.

2017 - 2019 Ukraine Track 1½ together with CMI and swisspeace (ACP & HKI)

Focus: Preparing the conflict parties for joint talks in close cooperation with the Austrian OSCE Chairmanship 2017 and the OSCE Trilateral Contact Group.
Result: Representatives of both conflict parties declared their willingness to hold joint talks after seven separate meetings. Two joint meetings took place.

2014 - 2019 Darfur Track 2 (ACP)

Focus 2013 - 2019: Mediation between Darfur rebel groups with the aim of strengthening children's rights.
Result: All four rebel groups committed themselves to respecting international children's rights.

2006 - 2009 Israel Palestine Track 3 (HKI)

Focus: Mediation between Israeli and Palestinian civil society organisations with the aim of promoting cooperation.
Result: To date, informal cooperation between two NGOs (names cannot be disclosed due to confidentiality obligations).

2006 - 2011 Carinthian conflict over bilingual road signs Track 1½ (HKI)

Focus: Improvement of the relations between the Carinthian “Heimatdienst” (Josef Feldner) and the Central Association of Carinthian Slovenes (Mario Sturm) The process was documented in two books: "Kärnten Neu Denken" (Dialogue between Feldner and Sturm with foreword by President Heinz Fischer) and "Kärnten liegt am Meer" (Portrait of Carinthian family stories in the 20th century with foreword by State Secretary Josef Ostermayer).
Result: Generation of a deeper understanding of the conflict by the public. Significant contribution to the solution of the conflict over bilingual road signs.

2009 Mediation between Tamil Diaspora and Tamils from Sri Lanka Track 2 (HKI)

First meeting after the end of the war.
Result: "Vienna Woods Declaration" becomes the basis for diaspora engagement in reconstruction and development in the former LTTE controlled areas in Sri Lanka.

2002 - 2009 Sri Lanka Track 1½ (ACP & HKI)

Focus changes over the years: 2002 development of a comprehensive architecture for the peace process; 2003 recommendations for a federal constitution; 2004 recommendations for the revival of the official negotiation process; 2005 recommendations for a "Post-Tsunami Operational Mechanism Structure"; 2006 recommendations for the maintenance of the ceasefire; 2007 recommendations for the inclusion of religious dignitaries and for the situation in the East of the country (Muslim minority question); from 2008 attempts to prevent a renewed outbreak of war.
From 2004, separate dialogue process with political wing of the LTTE. Between 2008 - May 2009 (end of war) shuttle diplomacy between GOSL (Government of Sri Lanka) and LTTE.
Result: Many of the recommendations developed were demonstrably taken up in the official negotiations.

2001 - 2004 Kyrgyzstan Track 2 (ACP)

Focus: Improving relations between the Kyrgyz majority and the Uzbek minority in southern Kyrgyzstan (Jalal-Abad and Osh provinces).
Result: Agreement on opening a local border crossing to allow visits for separated Uzbek families.

1996 East Timor Track 1½ together with UN (ACP)

Result: drafting of the future constitution

1995 - 2008 Georgian - Abkhazian Track 1 ½ together with Conciliation Resources and Berghof Foundation, the so-called "Schlaining Process" (ACP)

Focus: drafting proposals for a federal constitution.
Result: Confidence-building measures help to prevent the conflict from escalating into more violent conflict. 2008 withdrawal after the Georgian-Russian conflict. Conciliation Resources is still conducting this dialogue process today.

1995 - 2004 South Caucasus Track 2 (ACP)

Focus: Development of proposals for a "South Caucasus Community" to facilitate the resolution of bilateral conflicts (Georgia-Abkhazia, Georgia-South Ossetia, Nagorno-Karabakh, etc.)
Result: improvement of relations between Georgia and Armenia. 2004 after revolution in Georgia (November 2003) withdrawal.

1991 - 1992 Yugoslavia Track 1½ (ACP)

Focus: Development of a ceasefire agreement.
Result: Proposal is presented to Stipe Mesic and is the basis for his agreement to establish a UN mission (UNPROFOR).