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Passport Cover Template

Our passport is the symbol of national identity, and at the same time it has a practical purpose. It allows us to cross national borders without hindrance. But not all passports are the same: Austrian citizens, for example, can travel to 96 other countries with their passport without needing an entry visa. In contrast, Afghan citizens can only travel to four countries without a visa.
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With the passport cover we demonstrate that we are citizens of Homeland Earth and that we are aware that we form an earthly community of destiny. Only with solidarity and cooperation will we be able to master the great challenges of the polycrisis.

On the front of the passport cover, our planet is depicted from an unusual perspective: Not only is the north reversed with the south, the logo also shows the underlying tectonic plates instead of the continents. The earth's crust, on which all our lives take place, is only 35 kilometres thin - comparatively thinner than the shell of a chicken egg, and much more fragile. Because these plates shift by a few centimetres every year and cause abrupt changes on a regular basis: Earthquakes, tidal waves or volcanic eruptions. An eye-catching indication of the earthly community of fate in our Homeland Earth.

The template is available as a free PDF download. We recommend 180 - 220-gram paper. The corners should be processed with double-sided adhesive tape, and not with liquid glue, so that the passport is not stuck together unintentionally.

The passport covers can be individually designed / coloured. The back of the cover can be reinforced with an adhesive strip. If you use your passport very often, you can also consider laminating it, or you can make a new passport cover if the old one is already too worn.

Download – Template for Passport Cover "Citizen of Homeland Earth"