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First Austrian Forum for Peace - "A Future for Peace: Rethinking our Answers in an Unpredictable Global Landscape"

Conference 3-6 July 2023 at Schlaining Castle

The war in Ukraine, the renewed rivalry between the great powers, the worsening loss of livelihoods driven by the climate crisis, and the effects of rapid technological change continue to dramatically impact security and stability around the world. Working for peace requires a constant endeavour to rethink previously established answers.

The Austrian Forum for Peace is a new, never before seen format in Austria, established to rethink approaches for resolving conflict and sustaining peace, to break through the spreading fog of global unpredictability. Elucidating answers requires a diversity of experience, approach, and perspective, which will be brought together in this new forum.

The focus topics of the conference between 3 and 6 July 2023, Peace Processes in a Fragmented World and Innovation for Peace: Conflict and Climate, will be addressed both in panel discussions and in parallel expert workshops.

In the final phase of the Austrian Forum for Peace, a PeaceTech-Marketplace is planned, which will bring together various initiatives on the use of technology for peace work, an ACP focal point.

Details of the programme can be found here und here.


Experts from five continents met in Stadtschlaining in search for ways forward.In addition to new networks and partnerships for peace established at the AFP, it also led to concrete findings, products, and recommendations, which will inform the ACP´s future work in conflict resolution, peace research, capacity-building, and peace education. As collaboration lies at the heart of the ACP´s approach, key findings are hereby made available.

The plenary events of 4 and 5 July 2023 can be listened to on the ACP podcast "Inside Conflict".


Opening event on 3 July 2023:

Further Information:


Please note that workshop participation is by personal invitation only.


On 3. July 2023 there will be a return transport to Eisenstadt or Vienna in the evening.

There are daily shuttles from Oberwart and Bad Tatzmannsdorf to Schlaining and back: Schedule.


Experts / Participants / Speakers

Eva Huber - Head

E-Mail: peaceforum(at)ac4p.at

Mercedes Corrales - Event Support

E-Mail: peaceforum(at)ac4p.at

Press Accreditation

E-Mail: communication(at)ac4p.at

Phone: +4333552498519


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