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International Civilian Peacebuilding Training Programme IPT

Outstanding training for outstanding work

The International Civilian Peacebuilding Training Programme (IPT) is based on the exchange between practice and research, and an integrative approach of relevant paradigms, theories, methods and more. The starting point is the concept of positive peace and the orientation of teaching and learning towards psychological, relational, cultural and structural dimensions of peace, conflict and its transformation potential. In partnership-based, participatory and transcultural learning spaces, we invite participants to practice and strengthen relevant practical skills, theoretical knowledge and reflective attitudes. Possible applications in their own context together with culturally resonant adaptations of the learning contents and a joint exchange of experiences are the main foci of this programme. Participants are accompanied by a renowned and experienced international faculty.

The more than 2000 alumni from our programme come from 133 different countries and work primarily in civil society or government organizations, in international organizations and peace missions.

Both the content and format of our programmes are based on state-of-the-art peacebuilding discourses and the needs of our participants and relevant organizations. They are regularly reflected and further developed through needs assessments, feedback and exchange with international experts from theory and practice. Our formats are based on the one hand on on-site courses, which are held in Austria, regionally and on request also for specific organizations and countries. We impart basic knowledge and skills within the framework of our Core Course, as well as in-depth knowledge (specialization courses) and special approaches (master classes) in the field of peacebuilding. Online offerings aim to increase the outreach and accessibility of selected courses and to exploit the potential of virtual spaces for long-term support and implementation of the learning content. Within our regular online lecture series, we invite internationally renowned persons from academia, practice and advocacy to speak on urgent issues of our time regarding peace, social justice, conflict and violence.

The IPT programme exists since 1993 and has had great influence on relevant curricula of the UN, EU, OSCE, etc. As a non-profit programme supported by the Austrian government and individual sponsors, we try to keep course fees low and award scholarships to people from DAC countries.

Senior Project Manager - Astrid Holzinger

E-Mail: holzinger(at)ac4p.at

Programme Administration - Yerivan Pruscha

E-Mail: pruscha(at)ac4p.at

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I am excited having concluded this course. Giving its content, practical exercises and field training experiences, my expectations were actually surpassed.

Core Course Participant, 2017