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Capacity Building for Humanitarian Assistance in West Africa (HAWA)

Humanitarian assistance provides for immediate relief and is the basis for recovery and the subsequent development, peace and security.

The project Capacity Building for Humanitarian Assistance in West Africa - HAWA aims to strengthen individual capacities in national and regional institutions to respond to humanitarian crises in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) region effectively.

It is implemented jointly by the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre (KAIPTC) and the Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution (ASPR).

More than 140 million people in West Africa live in extreme poverty, a population that is particularly vulnerable to the effects of widespread food insecurity, recurrent natural disasters, climate change, the global economic crisis and socio-political instability. (World Disaster Report 2018).

Effective humanitarian assistance is ideally the result of coordinated efforts of multiple actors with specially trained personnel. The project activities are centered around a 10-day Core Course (HAWA CC), followed by an optional Training of Trainers (HAWA ToT) which is ensued by a multiplier programme in which the graduates apply their newly acquired knowledge in their own national organisations.

Using Gender Mainstreaming, the project is in line with KAIPTC`s gender policy and strategy to provide institutional guidelines on the integration of gender equality in Humanitarian Assistance. Premised on the Austrian 3C Approach, that aims at the development of coherent, coordinated and complementary engagement of governmental and non-governmental actors in international crisis situations, the group of participants is gender balanced and composed of mid-level civil, police and military professionals in humanitarian assistance and/or disaster relief operations in the ECOWAS region, either at the local, national or regional level.

Capacity Building for Humanitarian Assistance in West Africa (HAWA) is implemented in cooperation with the Kofi Annan International Training Centre for Peacebuilding (KAIPTC), financed by the Austrian Development Cooperation, with substantial support from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Defence.

Procurement notice
Evaluation Consultant (home based) to conduct the final evaluation of the “Enhancing Human Security through Capacity Building in Humanitarian Assistance in West Africa” project

We invite you to submit a proposal based on the instructions and the Terms of Reference. Please note that the Terms of Reference form an integral part of the consultant’s contract and may be subject to change until the contract is signed. Any possible changes will not modify the nature or amount of work required from the evaluator. Failure to submit a proposal containing all the required information and documentation within the deadline specified may lead to the proposal being rejected.

Programme Manager - Birgit Anna Mayerhofer

E-Mail: mayerhofer(at)aspr.ac.at

Administrative Assistant - Claudia Hofer

E-Mail: hofer(at)aspr.ac.at

Phone: +43 3355 2498 507

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