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Strengthening local disaster managment capacities

Based on the lessons learnt from the HAWA Multiplier Modules in project phase III  we intend to proceed the activities to enhance policy development, deployment capacities, (local) preparedness, and peace.

The creation of national HAWA alumni networks in all ECOWAS member countries will be encouraged to provide continued training on humanitarian response and foster national/local dialogue on comprehensive humanitarian action including the Humanitarian – Development – Peace (HDP) Nexus, national action plans for the implementation of the WPS Agenda and the Agenda 2030.

Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Nigeria will be addressed with in-country capacity building activities for Humanitarian Assistance, Disaster Risk Reduction and Preparedness at the local level, with a cross border approach where appropriate.

The difficult humanitarian situations in the target countries have been aggravated by severe extremist or militant attacks with indiscriminate targeting of civilian and security personnel in the region.  In this light, the HAWA approach, which brings together security forces, humanitarian workers from non-governmental organisations and responsible state authorities, seems an even more applicable way to strengthen effective humanitarian crisis response and promote network structures.

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