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Summer Academy

Since 1984, experts, students, pupils and other interested individuals of all ages have been gathering at Schlaining Castle every summer to discuss current peace policy issues.

The Summer Academy of the ACP sees itself first and foremost as a forum for up-to-date information, peace-oriented training, political discussion, and intellectual debate. The aim is to combine research and practice, dialogue and action, culture and politics while maintaining a scientific orientation.

The respective topics are based on current peace policies and peace research discourses. Interdisciplinary approaches are pursued in the choice of topics and the design of the Academy.

This event, which is organized in German language, brings together between 150 and 200 participants from a wide range of social and political backgrounds and age groups. From first-year students to established academics, from interested newspaper readers to active policymakers, from grass roots to international diplomacy. The programme consists of plenary lectures, panel discussions, lectures, workshops, and film evenings. The evening highlight is the ACP Summer Festival, which traditionally takes place on the penultimate day of the Summer Academy.

Project Manager - Julia Struppe-Schanda

E-Mail: struppe-schanda(at)aspr.ac.at

Phone: +43 3355 2498 502

Administrative Assistant - Martina Tader

E-Mail: aspr(at)aspr.ac.at

Phone: +43 3355 2498 502




Since the event is held in German, further detailed information is only available in German.