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Tracing Encouragement

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When we find ourselves in places and times of crisis, we are often confronted with powerful narratives and images – some may be fuelling tensions, violence and conflicts, whereas others may offer hope, envision peaceful alternatives or bear witness to a historical moment of one’s country and people.

Travelling from Argentina via Lebanon to South Sudan, from Northern Ireland to Timor-Leste: our staff has been fortunate enough to come across such traces of encouragements all over the world. With our new website we want to invite you in joining us in tracing powerful words or visuals of encouragement which you may find in public spaces and especially on open walls. These pictures will be featured on our website with the hope, that they may offer encouragement to their viewers and serve as a platform for those who created such traces.

How to participate
If you come across powerful words and visuals of encouragements in public spaces, such as statements or questions on walls, on upcycled materials, murals or poems, and if you want to join us in tracing words or images of encouragement in public spaces, here is what to do next:

1. Take a photo. 
2. Translate the writing into English and add a personal story, if you'd like. 
3. Email the photo (in jpg or gif) including when and where you took it to ipt(at)aspr.ac.at. Please make sure to email it in the highest resolution possible.

Every year at the beginning of September our ASPR-team comes together to choose the team’s favourite three contributions of the year. Both, the contributor of the picture, as well as the artist will receive the following:
First prize: 500 EUR
Second prize: 300 EUR
Third prize: 100 EUR

The winners will be announced on 21 September, the International Day of Peace. The due date for entries is the end of August. 

If you see your art-work depicted on our website without your permission, please get in touch with us via aspr@aspr.ac.at! This project aims to be a platform that traces encouragement in words and visuals throughout the world. We want to honour and support your art-work and would love to include an interview with you on our website together with a link to you and your work. If you have any other needs or would prefer the photo to be taken down, of course, we will respect your wishes.

Photo Overview and Photographers

Graffiti is a recording of … history. It is a recording of … capturing the moment. The momentum of certain eras and periods. After years, when you look back, you will find this graffiti will have the historic meaning because they express the sentiment of the era and the sentiment of the time where people live. 

Abe Barreto Soares, Artist from Timor-Leste; from: Chris Parkinson’s ‚Peace of Wall. Street Art from East Timor‘