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History of the Peace Centre in figures



ÖIF - Österreichisches Institut für Friedensforschung

September 6, 1982 Foundation of the Austrian Institute for Peace Research (ÖIF)

April, 16 1983 Opening of ÖIF in Rittersaal of Schlaining Castle

May 24, 1983 Amendment of the statutes - Schlaining as the seat of the association & exclusive seat of the association's activities

1984 1st Summer Academy (SAK)

April 1, 1985 Declaration of the Committee of Persons Dr. Kreisky (100 persons) - Goals of the Institute: expansion of the research center, establishment of a Peace University & establishment of a Peace Forum

December 1995 1. State of Peace Conference (StoP) in Bad Tatzmannsdorf Schlaininger Friedensbericht from 1986 at Schlaining Castle as well as Bern (alternating) since 1996 at Schlaining Castle

May 8, 1986 Opening of Schlaining Castle

September 1987 UN Secretary-General Xavier Pérez de Cuellar appoints the Austrian Institute for Peace Research and Peace Education in Schlaining as "Peace Messenger"

April 1988 Opening of the hotel  „Burg Schlaining“ (36 rooms, 65 beds) Conversion of the former Giczy Hof (former armory of the castle) into a hotel completed

1988 Opening exhibition in the synagogue Restoration completed

23-26 March 1988 Preparatory conference of the UNESCO Commission on the establishment of a University Center for Peace Studies

November 22, 1988 Foundation of the European University Centre for Peace Studies (EPU) with 40 non-governmental representatives

August 1989 Library (formerly in Granarium) moved to Synagogue

March 21, 1990 Opening and start of EPU (pilot semester with 50 students)

1991/92 Construction of Haus International



ASPR - Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution

January 21, 1992 Change of association name and new statutes Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution

September 5, 1992 Opening of Haus International (44 rooms, 3 seminar rooms)

September 14, 1992 Opening EPU fall semester - Start EPU regular 

September 13, 1993 Opening IPT (pilot course) Implementation ASPR & EPU

March 15, 1994 Council of Ministers decision IPT - annually 3 training courses 2 basic courses (4 weeks) 2 specialization courses (1 week)

1995  Research Project Study "Security in Europe

8–10 June, 1995 International Conference Declaration of Schlaining against Racism, Violence & Discrimination

16-20 August, 1995 World Conference of Peace Museum Directors "Building a Peace Museum"

Dezember 9, 1995  UNESCO Peace Award to ASPR and EPU for Peace Education

1997 1. Summer Academy on OSCE

1998 - 2003 EPU Master of Advanced Studies in Peace & Conflict

May 6, 2000 Opening of the Peace Museum on 6000 sqm with the exhibition "From the Cult of Violence to a Culture of Peace"

2000 PAN-Peace Table for Dialogue, Dedicated to Nobel Peace Prize Laureates

May 2002 Minister of Education Elisabeth Gehrer commends the Schlaining Peace Museum for its "outstanding achievements in the field of museums"

November 2002 UNITWIN Award for "UNESCO Chair on Peace, Human Rights and Democracy, University Center for Peace Studies, Stadtschlaining, Austria" (together with EPU)

since 2003 EPU Master of Arts Diplome in Peace Studies

2004 COMPAIR - Methods in dialogue - International Academy for Conflict Resolution

2005 – 2007 Participation in the reconstruction after Tsunami in Sri Lanka Construction of "Burgenland Village" for 55 families

April 1, 2006 Symposium "Constructive Pacifism"

2007 Start Project Peace Weeks Pilot Project - School Year 2007/08 (370 students)

2009 Austrian UNESCO National Commission awards Peace Weeks in the framework of the UN Decade of Education and Sustainable Development

2009 Sadako‘s Crane 4 Peace @Peace City Stadtschlaining

since 2009 Training programms for the European Security and Defence College (ESDC)  for civilian, police and military experts

March 31, 2010  EPU accreditation

2010 Award of the Richard & Wilhelmine Swarz Foundation for Peace Weeks

from 2012 Holocaust History Project

since 2010 Coordination for civil society engagement in the 3C process

from 2013 Implementation of the Austrian 3C-Project

2010/2011 "Letter of Intent" cooperation agreement CPDC Cluster Peace, Conflict & Democracy Research (Alpe Adria Uni Klagenfurt (until 2015, afterwards UNI Graz), Institute for Conflict Research, Democracy Center Vienna & ASPR)

Dezember 2014 Closure of the EPU private university (withdrawal of accreditation).



ASPR - Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution

2019 Closure & clearance of the Peace Museum and Sale of the conference hotel.

2019 Campaign "10 years Sadako‘s Crane"

2020 Clearance of the Peace Library from the Schlaininger Synagogue Archiving & Library in Haus International

2020 Internationaler "Nelson Mandela Award for Peace and Conflict Resolution"

since 2020 Campaign "Homeland Earth"

2020-2022 Conflict Resolution Activities in six countries

2020-2021 Restoration of Schlaining Castle

2022 Schlaining Peace Forum

Sources: Book from Gerald Mader „Von der Utopie zur Wirklichkeit“, 2016; article„Wir sind 100. Burgenland schreibt Geschichte“, Eisenstadt 2021 by Gudrun Kramer: Vom Burgenland in die Welt und wieder zurück – Friedens- und Konfliktarbeit auf Burg Schlaining, In: Rathkolb Kirchknopf (Hg.) as well as internal archives (Web & Annual Reports)