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Dialogue for the Future of the Political Process in Iraq

2020 - ongoing

Iraq remains fragmented along sectarian, religious, ethnic, and generational lines and is caught in open conflict between political elites and a large protest movement. Clientelism, mutual distrust and contempt remain widespread more than a decade after the fall of Saddam Hussein. Finally, U.S.-Iranian rivalry and the struggle for influence are also driving the politicization of Shiites and Sunnis and thus fragmentation. These conflicts repeatedly foster escalations of violence.

Against this backdrop, the ACP launched a process in September 2020 to make Iraq more peaceful for all its inhabitants. Specifically, through a series of dialogue meetings between representatives from across the Iraqi political spectrum aims to build mutual trust and formulate a common Iraqi vision. This project is supported by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and the CPDC.

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Project Manager - Mohammad Farghal

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