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Austrian Forum for Peace

Conference 3-6 July 2023 at Schlaining Castle

The war in Ukraine, the renewed rivalry between the great powers, the worsening loss of livelihoods driven by the climate crisis, and the effects of rapid technological change continue to dramatically impact security and stability around the world. Working for peace requires a constant endeavour to rethink previously established answers.

The Austrian Forum for Peace is a new, never before seen format in Austria, established to rethink approaches for resolving conflict and sustaining peace, to break through the spreading fog of global unpredictability. Elucidating answers requires a diversity of experience, approach, and perspective, which will be brought together in this new forum.

The main topics of the conference - The Impact of Big Power Rivalry on Peace Processes and The Increasing Effects of Climate Change and Uncontrolled Technological Change on Ongoing and New Conflicts - will be separately approached in panel discussions succeeded by expert workshops, happening in parallel.

On the last day of the Austrian Forum for PeacePeace-Tech Marketplace will be organized, to bring together different initiatives of putting technology that can be used in peace-work.

Supported by

Eva Huber - Management

E-Mail: peaceforum(at)aspr.ac.at

Phone: +43 1 79 69 959

Mercedes Corrales - Assistance

E-Mail: peaceforum(at)aspr.ac.at

Phone: +43 1 79 69 959