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IPT Master Class: Intersectionality, Gender and Peace Work

A new training course at the ASPR and the first of its kind worldwide

This Master Class invites participants to re-think culture, gender, race, sexual orientation, social class and more. A special focus is placed on considerations of intersectionality while doing gender and peace, as well as on practice-based learning of intersectional pedagogy. 

Being aware of identity politics; language as identity, context signifier and tool of communication across disagreements and conflicts this Class strengthens participants’ knowledge and skills in working on gender justice, equality and nonviolence in their respective environments. It offers innovative and participatory methodology that encourages participants to reflect on their own identity and positions in society, and strengthens understanding and experience on how to engage with gender and intersectionality in different learning spaces and peacebuilding processes.

Participants will:

  • Gain practical experience and understanding on how gender and other identities correlate and impact our individual and collective experiences
  • Learn how to facilitate conversations and group-processes around gender, intersectionality, queer rights etc.
  • Acquire insights on how gender and other aspects of identities correlate with experiences of peace, conflict and violence

Target group:
Trainers, facilitators, development- and aid workers, peace workers and gender educators who seek to encourage and guide people to re-think culture, gender, race, sexual orientation, social class and more.

Basic knowledge on gender and intersectionality

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There is no single-dimensional problem, because we do not have a single-dimensional life.       

Audre Lorde